Visualize Your League

This is Part 3 of my series on Fantasy Basketball.

In order to pick up roster updates, you must follow the original import instructions (just go to main fantasy basketball page and click on the link to this page to see them again).

Important: Github broke my original implementation, you will likely need to rerun the import script for this page to work again

The charts below allow you to compare stats across your league, or compare two teams head to head. In the head to head chart, the stats are displayed relative to the best team in your league. So if your team averages the most steals, then your "STL" bar will be 1.0. Note that all stats use per game averages, and does not account for how many games players sit out etc...


You can simply send the URL of this page to other members of your league if you want to share it with them. I'd recommend using a URL shortener as the links to this page can be quite long (you can use the TinyURL embed below).

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Head to Head Comparison

Stat Comparison Across League

Source Code

You can see the source code for this on my github.

The players stats data is from basketball reference.