Fantasy Basketball Stat Correlations

(Best Viewed on a Computer)

This is Part 2 of my series on Fantasy Basketball. These posts will specifically focus on 9 category fantasy with Field Goal %, Free Throw %, Three Pointers Made, Points, Blocks, Steals, Turnovers, Assists, Rebounds. They will also be focused on auction leagues with a $200 bidding budget.

The table below shows the Pearson correlation coefficients for all the 9 categories, as well as my own derived free throw and field goal % values (makes * (player % - league average %)) that take volume into account. Click on a cell in the table to view a chart of players' stats in the respective categories.

Essentially the higher the number, the more the two stats tend to move together. A 0 would indicate they have no relationship, and a negative number indicates they tend to move in opposite directions. Note that turnovers are negated for the correlation since fewer turnovers is a better result.

Source Code

You can see the source code for this on my github.

The players stats data is from basketball reference and the auction values are from yahoo.